Moira Bush is a spiritual entrepreneur and the founder of the Spiritual Entrepreneurs Academy and the Silver Spheres healing system.

The transformative teachings of both the Academy and Silver Spheres have been inspired by Moira’s many years experience in working with and teaching the spiritual psychology of colour within the Colour Mirrors system; her entrepreneurial work in South Africa and England; and life changing energy healing experiences.




Step out of poverty mind-set and into abundance by identifying the devils running your finances.

One of the most popular products on SourceTV this 7 day online programme identifies and removes sacred contracts based on judgments, past lives and shadow archetypes, anything that prevents you from being successful.

You’ll also learn how to let go of the addictive poverty mind-set habits and put into place new habits to create from prosperity consciousness.

This course is an opportunity for a life-changing transformation in your financial fortunes.

Each day for 7 days you’ll receive a short video helping you to understand your relationship with money and crucially how you may be sabotaging your finances. The programme is designed to help you move into prosperity consciousness and transform your money vibration to effortlessly attract more abundance in to your life.


Benefits to you:

– Identify your life purpose
– Understand your money story
– Discover the four ‘devils’ which may be completely sabotaging your finances
– Move into Prosperity Consciousness
– Use colour to transform your money vibration


Moira Bush’s ‘God and Money 7 Day Online Programme’ £11.00

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