Feminine Leadership Coach

Fife, Scotland


Joey is a transformational leadership facilitator, teacher and coach dedicated to fostering the emergence of heart-centred, Evolutionary Leaders, grounded in the more ‘feminine’ attributes of intuitive wisdom, relatedness and care for life. 17 years ago, after many years struggling to express her own leadership in a way that felt authentic, she left her corporate leadership role and a ‘successful’ business to embark on a journey to discover who she was and the difference she really wanted to make. Early on she recognised her calling to ‘bring the feminine back into balance with the masculine’ and as part of her UK based leadership consultancy Dancehammer, in 2004 Joey founded ‘Women at the Heart of Leadership’, an evolutionary learning community for women leaders and change agents, now called ‘Awakening Feminine Leaders’. Since then, she’s been honoured to facilitate and coach hundreds of women to re-connect with their authentic sense of self, move beyond past conditioning and bring their unique gifts and contributions to life in a way that is sourced from their feminine wisdom. Joey’s compassionate, intuitive and insightful approach weaves her practical business experience with many years of professional, personal and spiritual development and training, including Transformative (ontological) Coaching and Systemic Constellations Coaching. She was particularly privileged to have trained for 10 years with ‘Earth Wisdom’ teachers from the Ehama Institute in New Mexico. She is also an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor, ordained in 2002 by the UK Interfaith Seminary. She is the creator of ‘The Wisdom Quest’ an online ‘wisdom circle and mentoring programme’ to support women in stepping into their true power to make a difference. Joey is also a passionate creative and embarking on her first book. ‘The Wisdom Quest’ Awakening the heart of feminine leadership.