Kenny came from dramatic beginnings: death threats, refugee camps, paternal abandonment, maternal enmeshment, childhood mental health issues and racism.

Mother Teresa’s home for the dying helped him live beyond OCD. He worked in Sydney and Fiji while adventuring the world, following life’s signs and resisting temptation as he unravelled what he carried within. He got to truly understand what makes people tick as he took part, constantly adjusting his boundaries and beliefs.

He discovered how to release his ‘depressed pause button’ responding in the present or following the feeling back to Source. He sat with his shadows and unlearned his limits. It freed him for a greater life, beyond the same old story.

“Coach, consultant and guru of all things men” – Daily Express


Shift life from ‘survival mode’, into truly living.

Who are you, really?

Why is your life exactly as it is right now?

Do you feel like you’re stuck in an old groove?

Everything that happens in your daily reality is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside. In this one to one session, Kenny will help you find the key to your awareness and unlock your potential. As you work together to update your beliefs from your core, your life will transform. Kenny’s biggest gift is to read between the lines and spot life’s messages, any patterns and the opportunities knocking on your door. He’ll help you get the message and show you how to do it yourself.

In this one hour one-to-one session with Kenny (via Skype or telephone – or face to face if you are in London) you will be empowered to navigate the signs and temptations that life brings as you get authentic with who you truly are and why you are here.

Benefits to you:

– One hour One to One Session with Kenny
– Fully evaluated Personal Discovery Questionnaire
– Your session recorded for you to refer back to any time
– Awareness about yourself, your life, your purpose
– All your questions answered!
– Unlock your full potential…

One to One Personal Discovery Session with Kenny D’Cruz ¬£120.00

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