Women’s Empowerment Guru



Lynne Franks, recognised as the UK’s leading Women’s Empowerment Guru, is a successful business women, author, broadcaster and speaker. An acclaimed international spokesperson and advisor on the changes in today’s and tomorrow’s world, Lynne has throughout her career created and promoted many new initiatives that have led the way in societal shifts. Her consulting experience with both the public and private sectors, her global work with women’s enterprise, and her passion and commitment to the creation of a just and balanced world has given her considerable insight into the way forward for modern society. She is the founder of SEED – Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics – a provider and community for women’s learning and coaching programmes on economic empowerment, sustainable business practices and creative leadership. SEED programmes have been taught across society, from women’s prisons to the corporate world and have changed women’s lives in many countries.