Astrologer & author ‘You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You??

Lymington, Hampshire


Astrology has been a passion for Pam Gregory for 40 years. Very early in her studies, she realised what an insightful tool it was, how it can pinpoint the special abilities that make you unique. Past cycles act as ?seeding points? for themes in our lives, but your past does not have to determine your future. What?s special about The Next Step is that it shows you not only how self-defeating patterns have developed, but how to break them. Clients often comment that it?s like having ?a light shone on your soul?. Pam gives talks across the South of England, and is regularly interviewed on radio and on-line. Her book ‘You Don?t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?’ explains how the ancient language of astrology is completely relevant to your life today, how your birth moment is the ?information seed? for all that unfolds in your life, how astrology is a language of meaning that helps you decode your inner reality and outer experience and how understanding your birthchart can help you live a bigger life, as a true co-creator.